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"At Kadima we encourage our members, adults and children, to think for themselves and to develop ethical values and a commitment to spiritual growth." -Rabbi David Oler, Ph.D.


 Religious School resumes on Friday

Dear Parents,

Religious School resumes on Friday, September 5 at 4:30 p.m. at Shepard Middle School in Deerfield. We look forward to beginning right away to prepare for the High Holidays and, with older students, to discuss the summer’s events in Israel. Students who wish to participate in the Children’s Choir for Holiday services will have the opportunity to practice during school.

If you haven’t sent in your school registration yet, please do so. If your information has not changed, you may simply send me an email indicating that you are continuing. If your child is celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah during this school year, you must be registered and paid in full prior to the opening of school.

All of the Deerfield public schools are operating under a new food policy to ensure the safety of children with food allergies, and this policy also applies to groups like ours who use the facilities. We are no longer allowed to serve food in the building, and students may not bring snacks with them. We will, in good weather, occasionally serve snacks and holiday treats in the outdoor play area by the LMC. Please be sure that your children have a snack before they come, and do not allow them to carry food into Shepard School.

Please help us maximize our learning time by bringing students to school on time. We will begin class at 4:30 in the LMC. If you are late, please walk young children into the building. To assure the safety of our students, the outer doors are locked at 4:45.

We hope your family will join us for the Shabbat service at 6:00 on the first day of school and that you will attend frequently throughout the year.

If you have not registered for Religious School, please contact the office at


Mary Oler

 The Kadima Annual Picnic Was Great!

Mazel Tov Bill Russin and Yi Ke!

It is always a pleasure to enjoy sports and good food outdoors while we catch up with friends after the summer, but this year’s Annual Picnic was really special. Our members Bill Russin and Yi Ke celebrated their marriage under a chuppah set beneath shade trees on the edge of Lake Schermer in the Wood Oaks Green Park in Northbrook. 48 Kadima members and friends attended the catered picnic on Sunday, August 24.

We want to thank Linda Frankel for arranging a beautiful setting, Italian food, and a cool breeze. She wants to thank Linda Tomaszewski, Kadima’s Program Chair, and Jamie Werhane of the Northbrook Park District for their help.

Mary Oler

 Tuition Waiver

Our religious school announces a new family membership tuition waiver for the 2014-2015 school year,
for new students under 11 years of age.

 2014 High Holiday Schedule 5775

The Schedule for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur High Holiday Services have been announced, non-members and the unaffiliated are always welcome, Click here for details

 Kadima's Religious School

We are very excited about our new and innovative religious school schedule. Classes for grades k-7 meet for two hours on Friday afternoons from 4:30-6:30 from September through May, culminating in a school wide service each week, enabling the students to experience Shabbat together. In addition the 6th grade meets...Click to learn more

 Visit Us

There are many ways for you to see the New Reform Congregation Kadima:

Join us for our Monthly Family Dinner
Come to a Shabbat Service
Visit one of our Saturday Adult Learning Groups
Schedule a meeting with our Rabbi
Inquire about our High Holiday schedule for 2014 / 5775

Please email or call 847-229-9500 for more information.

 Rabbi David Oler

An inspiring speaker, educator, and counselor, Rabbi David Oler brings to Congregation Kadima a wealth of enthusiasm, creativity, rabbinic experience, and vision. The rabbi is deeply committed to our congregation and to the Jewish Community at large. He reaches out with warmth and caring to ensure that congregants feel welcome, understood, and supported. He seeks to foster a cohesive community concerned...Learn more

 Our Purpose

Our mission is to provide for our members and their children, regardless of cultural background, opportunities for spiritual growth and character development, through the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, sensitivity in interpersonal relations and pursuing deeds of loving kindness. We draw inspiration primarily from Jewish sources and offer a spiritual home to seekers with doubts regarding conventional religious ideas and practices. We affirm pluralism and respect for diversity and invite all kindred spirits to join us.

Specifically, we undertake the following goals:...Lean more