Mary Oler, Kadima Principal
Mary Oler, Kadima's Principal

We are very excited about our new and innovative religious school schedule. Classes for grades k-7 meet on Sunday morning, monthly, from September through May.

Our Religious School, under the direction of our principal, Mary Oler, provides a gentle, nurturing environment in which children can safely express their ideas and feelings -- an environment that encourages critical thinking, love of learning, and the desire for self-improvement. It is a place where children feel good about themselves as Jews and as human beings and are empowered to think for themselves. We seek to give our children a solid, non-dogmatic understanding of Jewish religion and civilization and the tools to assess issues with an open mind.

TheĀ  curriculum covers Jewish history, culture, literature, holidays, and life-cycle celebrations -- all grounded in Jewish philosophy, values, ethics, and character development. Basic familiarity with Hebrew language and with both traditional and our progressive liturgies is a goal of the curriculum at all levels.

We are affiliated with the Community Foundation for Jewish Education and our teachers are committed to our progressive philosophy and able to teach it from a position of genuine understanding.